Partners in Prayer

Prayer is what helps us remain focused on God, dependent on His leading, and trusting in His plan. Prayer allows us to join together as a community lifting up praise for God’s activities and entrusting to God the joys and sorrows and burdens we hold for ourselves, others, and The LPC’s mission. Prayer keeps us anchored to God and His movement.

Prayer moves us from a place of being sustained to a place of flourishing. We invite you to join as partners in prayer.

9 Day Prayer Challenge

We created the 9 Day Prayer Challenge because of the following statistics:

  • Roughly half of all pregnancies reported in the US are unintended.
  • Women report that they make a decision about their pregnancy in less than 24 hours.
  • It takes a woman roughly 9 days from the time a woman confirms she is pregnant until she takes action – either seeking prenatal care or terminating the pregnancy.
  • 36% of women who are Christians and make an abortion decision tells us they were attending church on a regular basis at the time of their unintended pregnancy, and no one knew.
  • Roughly 25% of women who contact The LPC seeking help with a pregnancy decision never show up for an appointment.

These are sobering statistics, and the 9 Day Prayer Challenge focuses prayer around one of these areas and for folks who make inquiries for help yet do not engage further with us. On the 9th, 18th, and 27th of each month we send you an email prompting you to pray about these ‘unknown’ women. It is a reminder that God sees them, He is in control, and no matter the outcome we praise Him still.

LPC Prayer and Updates

This is a monthly email with five short prayer requests and five praises. This email newsletter will also provide you with the latest announcements of news, events, and life at The LPC.

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