Statement of Principle

  1. The Laurel pregnancy Center (LPC) is an outreach ministry of Jesus through His church. Therefore, the LPC, embodied in its volunteers, is committed to presenting the gospel of our Lord, in both word and deed, to women with unexpected pregnancies. Commensurate with this purpose, those who labor as LPC Board members, staff and volunteers are expected to know Christ as their Savior and Lord.
  2. The LPC is committed to providing its clients with accurate and complete information about both prenatal development and abortion.
  3. The LPC is committed to integrity, in dealing with clients, earning their trust, and providing information and services. The LPC denounces any form of deception in its corporate advertising or individual conversations with its clients.
  4. The LPC is committed to assisting women to carry to term by providing emotional support and practical assistance to the individual and those affected by her pregnancy, that through the provision of God’s people and the community at large, they may face the future with hope and plan constructively for themselves and their babies.
  5. The LPC does not discriminate in providing services because of race, creed color, national origin, age or marital status of its clients.
  6. The LPC does not recommend, provide, or refer for abortion or abortifacient.
  7. The LPC offers assistance free of charge at all times.
  8. The LPC is committed to creating awareness within the local community of the needs of pregnant women and our counsel is that abortion compounds rather than solves the problems created by an unplanned pregnancy.
  9. The LPC does not recommend, provide, or refer single women for contraceptives (Married women seeking contraceptive information should be urged to seek counsel along with their husbands, from their pastor and physician).
  10. The LPC recognizes the validity of adoption as one alternative to abortion, but is not biased toward adoption when compared to the other life-saving alternatives. The LPC is independent of all adoption agencies, relating to them in the same manner as to other helpful referral sources. The LPC receives no payment of any kind from these agencies, does not enter into contractual relationships with them, and does not share combined office space. Adoption agencies are not
    established under the auspices of the LPC. The LPC neither initiates nor facilitates independent
    adoptions, though they may refer for independent adoptions in states where it is legal.