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Pregnancy often creates difficult decisions, both for women as well as for men. Every person’s situation is different, full of unique and complex challenges.

At the LPC, we offer accurate, confidential, and non-judgmental support services that can help. We can’t fix your situation, but we can help you to make the best choice for you.

Pregnancy Confirmation

The LPC provides physical, spiritual, and emotional care as you determine what to do. Our tests are fast and accurate. Whatever the results, we can help you process the news and its impact on your life. If deemed necessary by our on-duty nurse, we offer free, state-of-the-art sonograms that can determine if your pregnancy is viable. (Not available upon request.)

Care Coach Support

 You can speak privately to a Care Coach about your needs and concerns over the phone prior to an on-site visit if you wish. Our goal is to listen to you and to offer you life-giving support.

LPC Care Coaches have a wealth of training and can give each woman the time she needs to work through the unique challenges she faces.

Our extensive referral database can put you in touch with a network of community support services for your ongoing needs.

After-Abortion Care

Nearly everyone agrees that the choice to end a pregnancy is an enormously difficult one to make, yet few community resources exist to address the emotional turmoil women and men may experience afterward. Our post-abortion recovery program provides a confidential way for women and men to work through their feelings and find healing, individually or as part of a small group. 

Parenting Class

This series of classes is designed to educate and support expecting and new parents. Qualified community professionals provide instruction in a safe, comfortable group setting where parents are encouraged to learn, share, and ask questions. The three stage format is designed to walk a couple through their pregnancy and beyond.

Material Assistance

We also recognize that life is messy and sometimes you find yourself in a place where you just need help. If you are a parent who already has a baby, and/or small child and you are in need
of material assistance, we are here for you too. We are able to offer you some diapers and
wipes to assist with your urgent need. We can also get you connected to some other resources
who can assist with other material needs, such as clothing items, formula, cribs, strollers, etc.

Call us at 301-776-9996 to schedule your confidential appointment.

If you need assistance and we are closed, please call the Pregnancy Decision Line at 1-866-281-3029.

Learn more about who we are and what we do

How much are your services?
They’re free! All of our support services are offered free of charge because of the generous financial contributions and donations of our partners. (If you wish to learn more about donating to the LPC, please go to
Can I get an abortion at your facility?
We do not recommend, refer or provide for abortions. We offer pregnancy tests and a sonogram to confirm a pregnancy as well as information about abortion procedures.
Do I need to schedule an appointment?
To provide you with excellent care we encourage you to schedule an appointment. We accept walk-ins if there is an availability in the daily schedule. We have a variety of morning, afternoon and evening appointments as well as some weekends. Please give us a call at 301-776-9996 for an appointment.
How old must I be to receive your services?
There are no requirements of any kind. All clients are served without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability or other arbitrary circumstances.
I am undecided what to do if I am pregnant. Will I get information on all of my options?
Absolutely. We are committed to giving women full disclosure information on abortion, adoption, and parenting. Every woman’s situation is unique, and she deserves to know all the facts so she can make an informed decision. We do not believe in withholding information from women in the decision-making process.
I live too far away. How can I find a good pregnancy center near me?

Contact the Pregnancy Decision Line at 1-866-281-3029 and they will find help for you in your area.


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