Meet the Monday Crew

Meet Gail Cooper

Care Coach // 15 years at the LPC

“I started at the LPC on my birthday, 15 years ago! I’ve been serving as a Care Coach and with the AACE program. I started out because I was going to Capital Bible Seminary and it was part of the curriculum to get field education credits, and a friend recommended here. I came here for that and have been here ever since! Even after I graduated and got my seminary degree in Christian Counseling & Discipleship, I felt God tell me that he wasn’t releasing me yet, and so I’m still here!

    During my time here, I’ve learned about the importance of just being there for people – being Jesus with skin. We all need each other and this (the LPC) is a safe place, this is a place of hope and healing.”

    How would you describe the LPC?

    The LPC is a place of compassion and care. I had connected with a different (pregnancy) center and after my experience with them, it was very evident that the LPC is a place of compassion and care. 

    Lightning Round // What is your favorite… 

    • Book: Wind in the Willows
    • Ice cream flavor: Butter Brickle
    • Thing to do on a day off: Sit by the water and read a book 
    • Color: Red
    • Movie: Shawshank Redemption & It’s a Wonderful Life

    Meet Ron

    Reception & Care Coach // 9 months at the LPC  

    I came to the LPC after taking care of my wife for 10 years. A couple of months after she passed, I had a conversation with God and asked, “OK – what do you want me to do now?” Thankfully I had retired and was able to stay retired. I had volunteered at various organizations, but I heard him tell me specifically, “I really want you to do something that is a challenge.” And that is what brought me to the LPC. As a guy, I saw the opportunity and challenge of what I could bring to the center. 

    I was brought on board as a volunteer in June 2021 as a receptionist, and though I was available as a male care coach, I found I can be my best on the phone, as the first point of contact for those calling in, looking for assistance. 

    How would you describe the LPC?

    The LPC is about meeting people where they are, and helping them reach their true self and their identity so that they can fulfill their purpose in the world. 

    Lightning Round // What is your favorite…

    • Book: The Wasteland 
    • Ice cream flavor: Chocolate with chocolate clusters
    • Thing to do on a day off: Playing & listening to music
    • Color: Blue
    • Movie: Passion of the Christ

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    The center is not able to provide limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy onsite right now. We can provide referrals for ultrasound services.

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