Unpacking Hope Campaign

We are offering a new experience for you to join us in celebrating the ministry of The LPC. And through this experience, our hope is you will learn more about our mission to provide physical, spiritual, and emotional care to women and men facing unintended pregnancy and struggling with past abortions.

“Unpacking Hope” is our new fall fundraising campaign. Instead of a single event like the dinner, we will be sharing many different activities with you such as emails, videos, Facebook posts, and even old-fashioned letters. Over the next eight weeks, there will be “Spotlight” interviews, “Behind The Scenes” highlights, blog posts, prayer updates, and much more. All of it is meant to give you a taste of what God is doing here at Laurel Pregnancy Center. Everything will culminate during our Week of Giving, November 9 – 13, 2020, with a final appeal for donations and pledges to support the ministry.

Laurel Pregnancy Center--Unpacking Hope Box Mockup

The highlight of this campaign is a special edition “box” we are creating for you. There is a $50.00 fee to get the box*. Inside you will find a DVD, a ministry impact report, a prayer card, and lots of other goodies. This box is intended to educate and inspire you about the LPC’s mission of hope. Imagine everything lovely about the dinner beautifully packaged for you to enjoy in your home.

Sign up for your box today! You can expect deliveries of the boxes to begin after October 20th. For local friends, we can offer “Special In-person Deliveries” with a drop-off at your home. Or, you can come to pick up your box at the center (we’re the little house on Main Street where God does big things).

*Due to IRS regulations this fee is not tax-deductible because it is in exchange for a good.

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Unpacking Hope Campaign

Learn more about the LPC—and how you can help bring hope to people who need it—by unpacking a one-of-a-kind box!

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