Parenting 101: Pregnancy and Beyond

Quality parenting classes to equip and empower you

Parenting 101 – The ABC’s of Parenting is a series of classes is designed to educate and support expecting and new parents. Qualified community professionals provide instruction in a safe, comfortable group setting where parents are encouraged to learn, share, and ask questions. The three stage format is designed to walk a couple through their pregnancy and beyond.

Although the program is split into three parts and is progressive in nature, it does not exclude new participants at any point in time. The series is about 4 months long and classes are held weekly for an hour and a half. We offer both a fall and a winter series.

Parenting 101: Pregnancy and Beyond

Stage One: Pregnancy Basics

In this cluster of classes, we will address such questions as, “Now that I’m pregnant, what is going to happen to my body? What does my baby look like? What should I eat (or not eat)? Should I exercise? Is it safe to smoke?”

Stage One Classes

  • What to Expect When You Are Expecting
  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Fetal Development

Stage Two: Baby Basics

“What will labor and delivery be like? Do I want to breastfeed or bottle feed? How do I find a doctor for my baby?”

All these questions are common when preparing to bring a baby into your life. With these three classes, we hope to ease the anxiety of the unknown. We want to make sure you are equipped to enjoy rhe new arrival into your family.

Stage Two Classes:

  • Childbirth and Setting Up The Nursery
  • Feeding Basics
  • Immunizations: What are they and why does my baby need them?

Stage Three: Family Basics

Building a strong foundation is important to having a healthy family, You’ll benefit from and be challenged by asking the following questions: “How important is a dad? How do I discipline my child? What do I believe bout God and want to pass on to my child?”

Stage Three Classes:

  • Loving Discipline
  • The Daddy Factor
  • Household Safety
  • Kid Friendly Menus
  • Infant Care
  • And more!