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Our financial partners offer a unique picture of grace to those we help. When someone calls asking for help, usually one of their concerns is about paying for care. What a beautiful opportunity it is for us to respond, “There is no charge for services. It’s free because someone else is choosing to cover your costs.” What a simple yet powerful picture of the Gospel! Your generous gifts bless and demonstrate God’s abundant goodness and grace. Free. Unqualified. Unexpected. Extravagant.

Want to donate as an individual instead? You can do that here:

The annual operating budget for The LPC is $300,000.00. Financial support for our services is provided primarily through individuals and local churches. We invite you to consider becoming a partner by committing to on-going regular support at either support level:

  • Partners for Life: Regular monthly donations to The LPC  totaling less than $1,000 annually.
  • Major Donors:  Regular gifts to The LPC totaling more than $1,000 annually.

Whatever amount you can give, thank you for your support of the LPC!

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If you want more information about gifts of stock or estate planning gifts, please contact us at 301-776-9997 and ask for the Director of Fundraising.